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A Pyrrhic Victory. Volume III, Fate. by Ian Crouch celebrates the life and times of King Pyrrhus of Epirus

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A Pyrrhic Victory. Volume III, Fate. by Ian Crouch celebrates the life and times of King Pyrrhus of Epirus

August 29
10:08 2023
Dr. Ian Crouch’s A Pyrrhic Victory Volume III: Fate follows the first two award-winning volumes in the historic trilogy about the life and times of King Pyrrhus of Epirus. Widely regarded as one of the greatest military minds of antiquity, Pyrrhus became a central figure in waging war against Rome, a struggle that would determine who would become the masters of the Mediterranean.

Dr. Ian Crouch is a medical practitioner, living in Adelaide, South Australia.

As an extension of his love of Greek and Roman history, he has written the historic trilogy, A Pyrrhic Victory, about the life and times of King Pyrrhus of Epirus.

Now a multiple-award-winning series that has garnered international acclaim and favorable reviews, the trilogy includes Volume I, The Shaping of Destiny, Volume II, Destiny Unfolds and Volume III, Fate.

This one-on-one interview shares Ian’s background and experience in writing A Pyrrhic Victory. Volume III, Fate.

Tell us about A Pyrrhic Victory. Volume III, Fate.

FATE begins in 279 BC, where Pyrrhus has just won the bloody battle of Asculum against the Romans, in the battle that gave rise to the expression “A Pyrrhic Victory” – one that comes at such a great cost that the victory may not have been worth the ordeal that was suffered.

While punished, the power of the legions has not been broken. The road to Rome is still barred to Pyrrhus and his peace terms are once again rejected.

He must gather greater strength to break the deadlock, and accepts the invitation of the powerful Greek cities in Sicily to lead them against the invading Carthaginians. In return, they offer him their support in his war against Rome.

Pyrrhus invades Sicily. After many successes, he is unable to take the fortified city of Lilybaeum. He loses the loyalty of the Sicilians, and returns to Italy.

He fights the Romans again at Beneventum, where the battle is fought to a standstill, forcing Pyrrhus to return to Greece to find reinforcements. After many successes and being restored to the throne of Macedonia, he meets an untimely death while assaulting Argos.

What inspired you to write A Pyrrhic Victory. Volume III, Fate?

Pyrrhus was one of the greatest figures of the ancient world who had not had his story told in a popular genre – unlike Alexander, Caesar, Hannibal etc.

After being a major player in the struggles between the Hellenistic kings, his invasion of Italy to confront the Romans brought him to the centre stage of world politics. This would be the last chance for Greece to avoid being dominated by Rome.

How did your background and experience influence your writing?

I have always had a fascination with Greek and Roman history.

At medical school I began reading widely from the works of ancient historians. This interest and fascination continued, and I wished to make my own contribution to the literature dealing with this period.

I was also inspired by the great storytellers who enriched people’s lives, such as Homer, Plutarch and Robert Graves.

What is one message you would like readers to remember?

In the 3rd Century BC, it was not at all clear which of the powers would survive and become dominant. The Macedonians had become the dominant force under Alexander, but his premature death led to the fragmentation of his empire. The subsequent Hellenistic kings had to deal with each other, then with the emerging powers – Rome and Carthage.

Into this world came Pyrrhus, the young disinherited king of Epirus, a region of northern Greece. Pyrrhus would later be described by Hannibal as the finest commander the world had seen, after Alexander himself. Now, a Pyrrhic Victory refers to a victory that comes at such a cost that it threatens to destroy the victor.

I feel the Greco-Roman world is one of limitless fascination, and my goal is to share this with readers.

Purchasing the Book

A Pyrrhic Victory. Volume III, Fate. has received positive reviews from some of the most well-renowned literary organizations, authors, and reviewers around the world. Dr. Eoghan Maloney, a lecturer in ancient history at the University of Adelaide writes, “Writing with great style…Dr. Crouch succeeds splendidly in conveying a compelling interpretation of the lives and loves, the achievements and aspirations of great men in a great age.”

The book is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and other online bookstores.

Readers are encouraged to visit the author’s website to learn more about the book series and purchase their copy today: theshapingofdestiny.com

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