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The Role Of Conspicuity Tape In Road Traffic Safety

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The Role Of Conspicuity Tape In Road Traffic Safety

November 28
05:24 2022

The role of body reflective film on traffic safety. Vicious incidents of damage caused by traffic accidents are also firmly in the precedent. Especially under low visibility standards such as at night, evening or foggy, due to the relatively weak road surface standards and lighting standards, it is more likely to cause traffic accidents, and the consequences are serious. Among them, safety accidents caused by unclear driving at night and too fast speed account for a very large proportion, and the proportion of fatalities in night traffic accidents is relatively high, and malignant accidents are more common.

In order to avoid and reduce the occurrence of accidents, statistical analysis results show that the light-returning sign is very effective. Under the dark standard, it can reduce 29% of car accidents and 44% of casualties. Under the dark standard It can reduce the occurrence of car accidents by 41%. In 1999, Pennsylvania had 20,883 collisions, 8,159 people were injured and 508 people were killed, according to statistics reported by NHTST’s assessment system software. If all large trucks use the retro-light marking, then 7800 collisions will be reduced, 3100-5000 people can be prevented from being damaged and 191-350 lives can be saved. Such shocking statistics confirm the critical role of body reflective markings for road traffic safety.

With the technical development trend and the improvement of prevention awareness, in the accident liability assessment, the recognition of body reflective signs is gradually improving, from whether it was pasted at the beginning to whether the pasting standard is now, and then to whether the reflective performance is qualified. A large number of instances of responsible car buyers in rear-end collisions have been exposed because of substandard stickers or substandard quality of the retro-reflective signs, and have been published on the Internet and major newspapers and magazines. There are no reports of similar vicious incidents. The question has the effect of active publicity and planning to improve the awareness of car buyers, but at the same time, it has also clearly put forward higher regulations for the inspection and supervision departments of the retrograde signs.

Therefore, the rapid and reasonable improvement of the control range in the circulation stage of reflective signs will make the effect of reflective signs on the body to ensure safe driving practically implemented. Not only the inspection unit strictly implements the relevant national regulations to inspect motor vehicles, but also resolutely investigates and handles the body reflective signs that do not meet the requirements, and strictly investigates and punishes the individual behavior of buffalo selling the retro-reflective signs; It is the drivers and car buyers who let them understand that the actual meaning of sticking reflective signs on the body is not just for sticking, but depends on ensuring the personal safety of themselves and others.

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