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RHIA to release upcoming songs, and more

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RHIA to release upcoming songs, and more

August 09
23:30 2022

One of Australia’s most successful creatives, musical juggernaut announced today that she is working on several new and exciting projects. Throughout her career, Rhia has continued to impress fans and industry influencers alike with her wide-ranging skills and unique talent in the music industry and has proven that she is a creative commodity that needs to be followed. 

As part of the announcement of her new forthcoming works, Rhia announced the title of one of her three new upcoming song releases: ‘Realistic.’ The third was self-produced and written by Rhia, and includes some of the music industry’s most revered players including Multiple Grammy Award Winners Sam Barsh (17 x Gold/Platinum, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West), Adam Deitch (Lettuce, AWB, John Scofield), and Joe Cleveland (Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Harvey Mason, Jr.). The quality of her songwriting echoes the late Amy Winehouse, and she demonstrates stunning production, musical depth and complexity throughout her work.

“I put a lot of syncopation into the drums, and I felt Adam would be the perfect fit for this,” shared Rhia in a recent interview. “Both Adam, Joe, Sam and I have worked together before on separate songs and Sam is such a brilliant player, I knew he would embellish the part perfectly. It sounds so beautiful. And Joe is a prophetic bassist. I’m always honored to work with them.”

On trailblazing as a female producer-performer in a challenging and competitive industry, Rhia also shared additional thoughts. “It’s really hard to be taken seriously as a female unfortunately,” she commented. “It’s so easy to be perceived as a singer, whether you are or not, so many of my female peers, who are pianists for example, have mentioned they were assumed to be singers at first. I am also in a difficult position because I am a vocalist too, so it’s really hard to differentiate that I also produce and engineer a lot of my music. I almost gave it up because I loved production and mixing so much and I wanted to be taken seriously. I think the biggest piece of advice I could offer is to be assertive and do your best to not let anyone take advantage of you. Always work with people who will encourage and protect you when needed.”  

Rhia’s musical journey started in her home country of Australia. There, she is most known for her celebrated collaborations with ILLY, Feenixpawl, Strange Talk and Gypsy & The Cat, leading her into numerous well-received accomplishments in engineering and production.

In 2010, building off of that success at home, she was awarded a major scholarship to Boston’s acclaimed Berklee College of Music to study in the competitive Music Production and Engineering major, where she is now one of only a handful of females to have gone through the program. As a songwriter, producer, mix engineer, and artist, in 2020 she began working at Roc Nation’s 720, where she produced and wrote for Selena Gomez and Ultra Records, as well as What So Not, Seven Lions, Odd Mob, Qubiko, and many others.


For ‘Fire,’ a single that Rhia wrote and co-produced, the track received over half a million plays, leading to fans across the world who have begun following Rhia and her various creative outputs. The piece, which features Rhia’s distinguished vocals and impressive range, bolstered by bold arrangements, has earned her a vast array of awards for her songwriting, performance, production and vocals, including AMA’s, TMA’s and many others. The track is an empowering, soulful anthem about coming free. Cinematic and ambient, with stunning production, vocals and melodies, its interesting metaphors evoke a clear picture and strong feelings in the listener and successfully hook people in. Rhia captures listeners with each word, and manages to give people exactly what they’re after when she hits the chorus.the chorus, captivating you and making you feel its message in its entirety. 

“I went through a lot of melodies until it finally clicked,” shares Rhia. “I rewrote the lyrics quite a few times and kept going back to production, there were just a lot of things I wanted to work on for ages and I’m glad I did. E.g. it had so much dynamic but then when it would hit the chorus it fell short. I also wasn’t really sure it was the kind of song that fit who I was. And there are still things I wish I had changed, but I’m glad I released it.” 

Other recent impressive collaborations include a release with notorious artist Krayzie Bone and Break Science/Bishop Nehru, with other songs in the works. 

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