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Jake Crossman: From Underdog to Superstar Throughout His Social Media Conquest

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Jake Crossman: From Underdog to Superstar Throughout His Social Media Conquest

August 09
22:57 2022
Jake Crossman is a certified nutritionist (NASM-CNC), a biochemical researcher, and an international macro influencer with over 900,000 followers spanning his social media. Additionally, Jake is the Managing Director of USA Medical, a globally trusted, direct-to-consumer vitamin and supplement manufacturer.

According to data sourced from Statista, it is estimated that less than 5% of TikTok’s total one billion active users will ever reach a follower count above 100,000 and less than 0.25% of TikTok users will ever reach a similar following to Jake’s 900,000 followers on TikTok. 

Jake Crossman is an American business owner and macro influencer with nearly a million people following him across various social media channels. Leveraging his vast knowledge and experience in the field of biochemistry, Jake initially entered the social media space with informative content about hemp extracts and herbal medicines, providing value to his followers while encouraging them to take a more natural approach to health and wellness.

His TikTok content became viral in record time, and his base of followers, fans, and customers grew just as rapidly. Unlike many social media users-turned-celebrities, Jake Crossman is using his voice to help people understand the importance of proper nutrition, the value of CBG for inflammation & pain relief, and the simple steps everyone can take to lead a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. 

Jake Crossman attributes his success to his leadership skills and background in project management. On the topic of his leadership experience and oversight of numerous high-profile projects, including his supervision of the 2021 Superbowl in Tampa, FL, Jake imparted the following:

“My entire background is in leading teams. I’ve held many different titles that all provided me the opportunity to lead incredibly high-performing teams, including the supervision of television crews for NFL, College Football, and College Basketball on FOX,” said Jake Crossman.


Beyond leading high-performance teams, Jake Crossman is also committed to leading his customers and clients toward a happier, healthier future. As the Managing Director of USA Medical, Jake Crossman is striving to build a lasting, sturdy bridge between his followers and his premium line of CBG, CBD, vitamins, and supplements to decrease the general population’s reliance on prescription medications. 

Despite being a macro influencer, Jake Crossman is a humble human being that never lost sight of the people that helped him rise to social media stardom. He frequently answers questions and provides free, highly valuable advice to millions of people on TikTok, Instagram, and various other social media channels.


More information about Jake Crossman is available on his official Instagram profile.  

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@usamedical?_t=8UNQzJ4QXHy&_r=1

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