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The Shame of Life: a fresh and shameless card game that breaks down social barriers

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The Shame of Life: a fresh and shameless card game that breaks down social barriers

August 06
07:12 2022
A Kickstarter party card game, birthed on the streets of Manchester, and crowdfunded by cringe-loving followers during lockdown has exploded in popularity.

The Shame of Life Ltd. has released the next new, hot party-card game to break the ice without shame. Created and adapted for nights full of laughs, smashing awkward silences, and avoiding small talk – The Shame of Life’s amassed a loyal following. Make trivial decisions, with zero judgment. “It’s the end of the world, and you must choose… Will you serve up a cute cuddly feline, an adorable doggo, or a sweet old grandma?”

With an array of wit-cracking cards, there’s no limit to what deep, dark avenue conversations will run down. But, it’s guaranteed all players will hear more than they bargained for!

About Shame of Life

The card game for deeply uncomfortable scenarios, absurd questions, and brainteasers. Skip the boring questions about the weather and jump straight ahead to the important stuff… “What did cavemen call *** during the prehistoric period?” Or, “Who’s the most *** villain?”

For those not living under a rock or harboring a villain fantasy, there are over 60+ cards that are completely family-friendly, once you take these naughty cards out. 

Just to be safe, Gareth and Emily sorted the game’s content into four categories:

–  Italian Nonna Signing a Cross: The weird, the freaky, the kinky.
–  The Birds and Bees Conversation.
–  Non-approved by a 1930’s Housewife: The crudeness and the audacity.
–  Family Friendly: Withhold an ounce of dignity, just a little. 

A Shameless Origin Story

The Shame of Life card game was created by newlyweds Emily D’Andrea and Gareth Breeze, who began curating the most shameless questions anyone’s ever laid their eyes on. Before launching The Shame of Life, the duo wrote the questions on oversized cards and stood in random locations around Manchester, garnering a large Facebook following. Soon, thousands of users flocked to their Facebook page week after week to banter on the most awkward food to use in foreplay. 

When the Kickstarter launched in the spring, The Shame of Life Ltd. reached its target goal in just 8 hours. At the end of the campaign, it had amassed over £10,000 of preorders. 

The Shame of Life has since sold thousands of copies worldwide, and helped hundreds of people maintain their sanity during lockdowns. As it turns out, pondering the worst name for an unborn baby is a lifesaver for mental health. 

Player Demographics

The Shame of Life is for anyone 17 years of age or older, who hates awkward first impressions and small talk. Instead of stumbling over what to say and how to say it – The Shame of Life does it all, against better inhibitions. 

Players use the game to:

–  Spice up video calls.
–  Make road trips a time to remember.
–  Get to know the inlaws.
–  Build a community. 

“I ordered The Shame of Life to play with family and friends – best purchase ever! I’ve had family members asking me where I got it and the HOURS of hilarious conversations and arguments this has sparked have been endless! Would highly recommend and will be keeping an eye out for more booster packs! 10/10!” (One of many five-star reviews!)

The Shame of Life card game is best played with two or more players casually or competitively. Derived as “a game of hilarious tangents,” there is not a maximum player amount. The more the merrier! The games last 30 minutes to oblivion – The Shame of Life asks the questions, but players call the shots! 

For more information, check out theshameoflife.com

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Company Name: The Shame Of Life Card Game
Contact Person: Gareth Breeze
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Address:The Shame of Life Ltd. 8 Lower Ormond Street, 2nd Floor Studio 20/21
City: Manchester, M1 5QF
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://theshameoflife.com/