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Coach Devona Boone AKA The Detox Coach Specializes In Relational Life Coaching

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Coach Devona Boone AKA The Detox Coach Specializes In Relational Life Coaching

May 14
07:39 2022

Her Famous Quote, “Nothing will change until you do.”

She was drawn from the strength she had to develop at the tender age of 10 when her mother was murdered in front of her by her abusive boyfriend. This senseless act sent her world into a whirlwind of decisions made due to losing her mother way too soon in life. She had no choice but to accept the fate She was dealt. With all the trials and tribulations of experiencing poverty, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, toxic/abusive relationships, absentee father, and even sexual abuse, Coach Devona chose to do the work to come out an  OVERCOMER.

She developed confidence in knowing who She was and that she could accomplish anything. So she set out to do it! Coach Devona to the knowledge she gained s with all the trial and error in life. She now aims to help others navigate life’s many challenges with grace.

Coach Devona through her coaching practice Natalie’s Heart Coaching and Consulting equips women with the skills to take their power back and detox their past traumas and traumatic behaviors.

However, Coach Devona’s past trauma is helping to heal women in such a unique and powerful way. She took her experience and opened a transitional home, Natalie’s Place, for women escaping domestic violence and transitioning from incarceration.

Coach Devona specializes in helping people avoid and/or detox from toxic situations or relationships and empowering them to reclaim their power back and ultimately end the cycle of toxicity. If you are a  person who is ready to heal from your trauma.

Coach Devona strives to a transparent and relatable. Because she, too, has been where most of her clients are. She has endured those same challenges, pain, heartache, sleepless nights, shame, guilt, etc.! So she is passionate about giving her clients principles and tools to use to heal and overcome.

Coach Devona is a living example that it is possible to detox and overcome trauma. Her life exemplifies that the WORK actually works if you work it!

To Connect with Coach Devona Boone’s website at www.devonaboone.com, email [email protected].

Social Media (FB, IG, YouTube) @CoachDevonaBoone. Also, learn more about Coach Devona’s story by purchasing her book on Amazon –  A Precious Gem: The Journey Of My Shaping

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