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Remotely manage Raspberry pi with RemoteIoT device management platform

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Remotely manage Raspberry pi with RemoteIoT device management platform

December 03
20:52 2021

As the number of connected devices will reach billions, the need to remotely control and manage these devices will become critical in the near future. IoT remote device management makes it easy to safely load, organize, monitor and remotely manage IoT devices on a large scale.

Most IoT product engineering teams manage device operations in different islands at different technology levels. This method makes it difficult to analyze the root cause of equipment failures or determine the effectiveness of equipment functions on the ground. Platforms such as AWS IoT provide partial solutions to this problem, but they lack the mapping of device events with user actions. In addition, there is no single solution that provides out-of-the-box configurable data logging and analysis to capture errors at every technical level of devices, events, and user journeys stitched through every level.

The RemoteIoT IoT device management platform allows companies to remotely manage their IoT device clusters, such as Raspberry pi. This management platform provides configuration and authentication of Raspberry pi devices, remote configuration and management, data collection and reporting, real-time monitoring, and over-the-air (OTA) software deployment for updates, patches, device online/offline, etc.

No device can fully meet the needs of users when it is first released. Although it is usually very powerful, it needs to be configured to meet the specifications of each use case. Whether it’s a remote water level sensor for a dam or a smart thermostat, you need to be able to configure and control device settings at any time. RemoteIoT’s dashboard can be configured for remote device management, user access, and real-time monitoring and analysis visualization of device events. RemoteIoT device management platform enables IoT product engineering teams to start collecting data from edge devices to the cloud with just a few minor configurations and integrations.

The RemoteIoT IoT device management solution enables organizations to gain remote access and resolve this software or access issues, no matter where they are located. This minimizes the impact of problematic devices on business continuity and saves bandwidth waste by eliminating the risk of firmware issues from simple bug fixes.

The RemoteIoT Device Management platform has enabled our customers to enhance their application value by incorporating devices, delivering high service reliability, reducing operating cost, and maximizing device uptime.

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