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Project begins: Present Taizhou, a city in the songs, to the world

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Project begins: Present Taizhou, a city in the songs, to the world

December 04
01:10 2021

This is a blessed land called City of Phoenix. Here you can find the brilliance of ideas, the richness of humanities, the colorfulness of art, the prosperity of commerce and trade, the beauty of culture and the romance of a long history. This is an ecological place, highly livable, a paradise for people who love water. Numerous songs praise Taizhou, gently chanting how many wanderers long for their hometown, expressing the most sincere feelings of thousands of people of Taizhou for their hometown.

“Blooming in Taizhou”, “Taizhou Love”, “Happy Water Paradise”, and “The Blessed Hometown” are the songs to introduce tourism in Taizhou. “As the wondering child approaches his hometown, his feelings are already enchanted; the hometown is indeed the most blessed place in his heart. ” Taizhou, this warm and poetic small city in Jiangsu Province, was elected the happiest city in China in 2020. “My Taizhou, My Home” is written by Xiaobai, the host of Taizhou TV Station, and composed by Qiu Ze. The smoke and flames of the world are the most soothing to the hearts of mortals. Dough sugar figurines, sesame cakes, stinky dried tofu…every taste reflects life as it is, and every delicacy is the inheritance of culture.

“Taizhou Smile” is the theme song of the volunteers for the Provincial Games, as well as its promotional song. This song takes the new look of the city as the background, expressing the eager anticipation of the people of Taizhou for the Provincial Games and praising the high-quality service of volunteers. “Let’s Move, Taizhou” is a promotional song for the Provincial Games, as well as the designated song for the 2021 Taizhou City Square Dance Competition. Taizhou is a sportive city. In 2018, Taizhou took over the Provincial Games from Yangzhou and won the qualification to host the 20th Provincial Games in 2022. Sports events such as fitness running and youth cycling championships are held in Taizhou; the most beautiful running routes in the province, such as the Tianlu Lake running route and the People’s Square fitness trail, etc., encourage citizens to be sportive and have fun. Taizhou is also hardworking. Perseverance day after day, thousands of trials and errors, just for the glory of that one moment. At present, there are 1,800 registered athletes in the city, participating in 29 major events and 34 sub-events; 9 provincial sports venues have been completed; hardware renovation and environmental improvement in the “five-point-one-line” programme have been completed.

“Green are the acres of lotus pond, yellow are the islands of flowers. The essence of the elegant southern views, my sweet hometown…” “Dreamy Water Town” is a song tailored for Xinghua, a town in Taizhou, by the famous lyrics writer Yan Su and composer Meng Qingyun. Its “debut” was at the 6th China Banqiao Art Festival. “Thick are the lotus leaves, with fish playing amongst.” In Xinghua’s 10,000-acre lotus pond scenic spot, the poetic and picturesque lotus ponds are laid out with green shades. The breeze carries the fragrance in your nose, bringing coolness and peace. Wandering in “Natural Oxygen Bars” such as Qinhu National Wetland Park and Lizhong Water Forest Park, you can get close to nature, escape the summer heat and enjoy the coolness, starting a refreshing journey to cleanse your lungs. “Even if you are busy, you can’t forget the gold of June.” The short crab season in early summer is probably the most anticipated thing for people of Taizhou throughout the summer. Taizhou, which has a history of more than 2,100 years, has low-key and humbleness in its bones, but its people’s happiness is overflowing on their faces.

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