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Stay Connected and Organized with Experium

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Stay Connected and Organized with Experium

September 21
21:36 2021
From organizing experiences to sharing life’s special moments, this all- in-one app helps people to live their lives to the fullest.

Managing busy lives is never easy. There is a lot of organizing and communicating to stay on top of it all. Many people rely on multiple applications – calendars, chat, email, social media, group and team apps, service provider apps, travel apps, and so on. It can be very overwhelming. And even worse, the wonderful memories people take so long to build and cherish can easily get lost when they are spread across multiple applications.

How can someone stay organized and connected with others? How can they build beautiful memories with families and friends that will last a lifetime? And do it all in an app where data is private and secure, with all the trappings of social media removed? Experium.app is Experience Media™, the next evolution of social media. It’s a communication and organizational “super app” that can manage all aspects of aperson’s daily life – from simple activities in a private calendar to complex multi-person experiences such as vacations or car/house ownership.

Planning for vacations, parties, celebrations like weddings, property ownership, or other major life events? Experium is a digital timeline of one’s experiences. Through Experium, all the important pieces of these experiences are organized and contextualized in a single, customizable framework. There will no longer be a need for switching between apps to organize an event. By having everything in one place, there’s less confusion and more organization – meaning no more details andmemories will be lost or misplaced.

Similarly, Experium is a great app for groups and team activities where communication is critical. Experium helps in making sure communication is clear between all members. Designed for all types of groups – clubs, teams, families, organizations, classes, and so on – this super app makes the organization, sharing, and remembering of individual and group experiences more seamless.

“We all want fewer apps, not more. So, it was important for us to create a single platform that could handle all the daily organizing and communication necessary to enjoy your best life. At Experium, we believe technology should enhance your life, not make it more complicated,” says Lisa Brown, CEO & Co-founder, Experium Inc.

Life is worth remembering and sharing. Explore Experium now by visiting https://www.experium.app/.

About Experium

Experium is an all-in-one app for organizing one’s life, including experiences and group management, communication (chat and social sharing), albums, and content storage.

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