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Ice Melt Manufacturer Mark 28 Years Of Premier Products

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Ice Melt Manufacturer Mark 28 Years Of Premier Products

July 31
01:30 2021
North Rock Seasonal Products offers a complete line of bulk and pre-packaged ice melting products. The product line comprises more traditional ice melting products, ecologically friendly ice melters, ice melt blends and snow removal products.

North Rock Minerals and Seth Berkowitz are pleased to announce that the company has celebrated 28 years in operation. The ice melt manufacturer produces a line of products that addresses the problem of seasonal ice and snow buildup on streets, roads, and parking lots. The company has a sizable warehouse which permits them to hold one of the most extensive packaged inventories in the Northeast. A constant supply of the products when seasonal needs arise is important to the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

For drivers and pedestrians who reside in climates with colder seasons, there are challenges in getting from one place to another. Whether driving or walking in conditions with ice, snow, or some combination, safety means taking steps to address the issues. Finding the best ice melts available on the market is an aid to safer driving and walking conditions. Various types of ice melting products are available. Choosing the right one will depend on factors such as temperature, type of precipitation and surface composition.

More information about the company and its products can be seen at https://northrockmineral.com/

Ice melting products work by initially reducing the freezing point of water. The granules of the product attract moisture and form a liquid brine which generates heat and melts the ice. Since many different chemical compounds make up the product line, it is important to understand how each works and how they react differently, depending on the road surface types, conditions, and weather temperatures.

One aspect that is important today is the environmental one. The products which are used must get the job done without leaving a residue which will cause harm to the surfaces on which it is used. Early in the history of the product line, rock salt was a common compound used to melting ice, but it tends to be more detrimental to concrete and other surfaces and automobiles. North Rock Minerals now produces a full line of seasonal ice melt products which are safer for the environment.

About the Company:

North Rock Minerals manufacturers and distributes a line of ice melting products to manage ice and snow conditions. They are effective for safety reasons. Today’s products also emphasize environmentally friendly compounds. 

Media Contact
Company Name: North Rock Minerals
Contact Person: Seth Berkowitz
Email: Send Email
Phone: (516) 569-SNOW (7669)
Address:777 Chestnut Ridge Rd #307 Chestnut
City: Chestnut Ridge
State: NY 10977
Country: United States
Website: https://northrockmineral.com/