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Still focusing on Libra of Facebook? Pay attention to the new dark horse trading platform!

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Still focusing on Libra of Facebook? Pay attention to the new dark horse trading platform!

June 22
06:46 2019

It’s nothing new for Facebook to issue cryptocurrencies, but recently, Facebook published a white paper on Libra — their digital cryptocurrency, so the following information appeared on the Internet:

However, Sun Yuchen, who is about to have lunch with Buffett, is not happy. He has sent a microblog to express his dissatisfaction: relying on Facebook to send money is a blockchain revolution, but people say I am a liar?

“Sun Yuchen: In the case of Zuckerberg, in addition to Wang Xiaochuan(‘s opinion), this time, the release of Libra is a blockchain revolution, but I issued a crypto was a scam. When I returned to China in 2014, investors threw me out because I had no job, she advised me to look for a job, I said that Zuckerburg has not worked, she said, do you think you are Zuckerberg? ! For five years, my market value is 1% of Facebook. I have been running in his shadow, but one day, I will run out of this shadow.”

But then, the Internet giants like Facebook are issuing cryptocurrencies, which will have a positive effect on the blockchain industry, whether successful or not. As cryptocurrencies are getting hotter and hotter, more people are seeing the future of digital assets. As a result, a large amount of funds have been attracted to the market, and the cryptoexchanges as a place for the digital assets trading is also an important existence.

There is a classic joke in the crypto circle: “In the bear market, there is no real exchanges.” False transaction records and “ghost-exchange” with only few real users, they are afraid of being deceived or stolen from. In the context of frequent security breaches, digital currency theft, and leakage of user privacy information in cryptoexchanges, investors need to find a cryptoexchange that is fast, secure, and free. The dark horse of cryptoexchange – TR trading platform just might be your best choice!

The TR trading platform is a cryptoexchange that includes over-the-counter trading, industry information, self-media community, and cloud computing power, which was invested by the Giant Investment Era Foundation of Singapore and developed by THE ROAD OF SCIENCE GROUP LTD Group of the United Kingdom. The founder of TR cryptoexchange is William Jefferson Paulson. Paulson was a very experienced investor and had an excellent academic background. He was born in December 1972 in Ottawa, with a master’s degree in statistics from McGill and a bachelor’s degree in finance from Columbia University. In 2003, Paulson entered the Royal Bank of England as a financial investment adviser. During this period, he was in touch with a large number of currency trading techniques to provide advice to the British international currencies circulation companies. In 2012, Paulson became the chief engineer of the UK’s largest digital currency trading platform. He also worked with the founder of Draper Associates Tim Draper, and invested in Tesla, Hotmail, Skyp, Baidu and other well-known Internet technology companies.

Leaders of TR cryptoexchange

When Paulson decided to invest in the TR cryptoexchange, he quickly recruited experts from the digital currency field around the world to form the TR team. Most of the team members are masters and doctors in digital, financial, software engineering and other majors from top universities around the globe. They have many years of market investment experience, managed large investment accounts and achieved stable profitability. The team already has a mature investment philosophy and investment approach, and has cases of designing and executing hedging solutions for dozens of companies.

The TR cryptoexchange was established on 26th November , 2018, and was officially launched at the Edinburgh headquarters in England on 18th June, 2019. The strategic deployment of TR  cryptoexchange will be completed in December 2019 in nearly 10 countries and regions including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Singapore. In the future, the registered users of the TR cryptoexchange will reach 8 million and the daily active users will be minimum 1 million. At the same time, the TR trading platform is planned to assist The Road Of Science Group .LTD to be listed in Nasdaq on September 2021, and is expected to become a global leading cryptoexchange in June 2022.

Development plan of TR cryptoexchange

Why do people say that TR cryptoexchange is a dark horse? The main reason is its core advantages. The TR cryptoexchange forms a three-in-one closed loop constitute by the user center, asset center, and SMS docking. At the same time, it focuses on the improvement of the service level of the user, and the ultimate service brings the ultimate experience.

TR cryptoexchange uses the newest SP Cloud structure

The TR cryptoexchange provides companies with a range of products that combine digital currency, finance, and payment, including digital currency proxies and registration services, digital currency payment services, digital currency issuance services, digital currency trading services, digital currency equity services, and digital monetary fund agency services, news information services and other business, involving large companies such as banks, securities companies, and corporate groups. The support of powerful underlying technology and industry-leading service methods make the TR cryptoexchange number one among many cryptoexchanges.

TR cryptoexchange strong underlying technical support

From the community perspective, THE ROAD OF SCIENCE GROUP LTD has entered into a strategic partnership with Draper Associates and jointly injected nearly 100,000 community resources from Europe, North America and Asia Pacific into TR cryptoexchange.

In terms of brand building, TR cryptoexchange has become a strategic partner with well-known foreign communities and media — NEWS and BTCMANAGER, and will provide the projects largest exposure!

In today’s burgeoning digital currency industry, the TR cryptoexchange will provide users with safer, more efficient and quality services. In the future, the TR cryptoexchange will work together with industry peers to offer a strong contribution to the development of blockchain!

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