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A Walk With God – the story of a ninth-grade dropout Master’s degree holder

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A Walk With God – the story of a ninth-grade dropout Master’s degree holder

June 22
06:25 2019

Reverend Stanley J. Rexroth gives a recap of his life and the lessons learned from “walking with God” in his autobiography “A Walk With God”

“A Walk With God” is an autobiography from Rev. Stanley J. Rexroth, the founder of Church Of God of Cumberland Valley in Shippensburg as he gives a detailed recap of his life and what he has learned from his walk with God. Rev. Stanley aims to show readers how God, with patience and mercy, led a boy into and through a blessed life from a ninth-grade dropout to a Master’s degree.

Life is a journey filled with different kinds of experiences. While some are able to defy all odds and the challenges thrown at them, others were not able to survive the obstacles and drowned in the stream of difficulties. One of the very persons that were able to rise above life challenges thanks to Divine help is Reverend Stanley Rexroth and he aims to inspire others in a similar situation to become the best they can be with the release of his autobiography.

Taking a young boy from humble beginnings and allowing God to direct each step he takes is not one of the commonest stories in the world. However, the journey of Stanley Rexroth that included transitioning from a 9th-grade dropout to a Pastor, Teacher, Missionary, father, husband, grandfather, local school board president and many more talents, with a Master’s Degree is worth telling to the world.

Rev. Stanley aims to help readers understand his training, belief, life adventures as he grew in faith. “Learn whenever you can and learn whatever you can learn. Because the more you know, the more God is able to use you and the more choices you have in life,” said Reverend Stanley J. Rexroth in “A Walk With God.”

The book has already received accolades from different quarters. “Reverend Stanley Rexroth’s “Walk with God” is spiritually uplifting.  A reader will learn and gain inspiration for a faithful life journey with God.  You will feel that you are presently witnessing this faith mission.  You will experience the poor souls of the world who yearn for love and healing.  Over and over again, you will be filled with Pastor’s sharing the bible’s loving message of truth and wisdom.  We experience the sacrifice of the suffering of Pastor’s saving souls for our God.  One is given tremendous insight into their own life’s faith journey.  Yes, the story of “Walking with God” will change your life as it helps you listen and grow in spirituality with the love of our Savior,” says Jerry Lemons, Senior MSgt. USAF Retired.

More information about the book can be found here – http://www.awalkwithgodstanleyrexroth.com/

About Stanley Rexroth

Stanley Rexroth, a ninth-grade dropout obtained a master’s degree and became the president of his school board. He took the Bible seriously and allowed God to direct his life through twenty years in the United States Air Force, through thirteen years teaching school, and through a lifetime of service as a pastor and a missionary. He was one of the founding board members of World Missionary Fellowship of the Church of God (WMF), formed to help indigenous pastors of the Church of God around the world. Rev. Rexroth made some preaching and teaching mission trips to the Philippines, Nigeria, and Cuba.

In 1974, Rev. Rexroth founded the Church Of God of Cumberland Valley in Shippensburg.

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Country: United States
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