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Lehman Capital Won the Best CFD Liquidity Provider Award

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Lehman Capital Won the Best CFD Liquidity Provider Award

January 05
19:39 2022

JME (Journal of Monetary Economics) announced the list of winners about “JME Markets Maker Award 2021” on January 20, 2022.

Among them, Lehman Capital won the honorary award of the Best CFD Liquidity.

After a month of selection, from November 20, 2021 to December 20, 2021, Lehman Capital finally won the Best CFD Liquidity Provider Award with its own strength.

JME is an international monetary analysis weekly, which provides clear reports, comments and analysis on the global economy, finance and currency.

JME attaches great importance to the selection activity of the award. According to the information published on the official website, the evaluation results of this award are evaluated based on the four dimensions of “customer, service provider, professional evaluation and company” in order to ensure the evaluation to be fair and objective.

Whether from the JME official setting of the award evaluation process, or the multiple evaluation criteria set to ensure fairness and objectivity, or the high attention of participating institutions to the one-month evaluation, it is enough to prove that the topic of liquidity is an eternal one in the market.

Lehman Capital: a Liquidity Provider Focus on CFD

Lehman Capital is a provider focusing on providing CFD liquidity. Relying on advanced and powerful clearing system, Lehman Capital provides the clearing services connecting the liquidity of the world’s top banks for the majority of financial institutions.

Lehman Capital creates a better trading environment for institutional traders through six types of LP services initiated by it.

1. Inter System Bridging of LEHMAN Link

Lehman Capital supports high extensibility docking of multiple trading systems. The institutions can dock the systems according to their needs to realize system diversification. Intelligent order routing, custom matching rules and seamless connection between systems easily support more than 1000 concurrent order processing.

2. Quotation Engine of LEHMAN

Lehman Capital provides institutional customers with higher frequency continuous transaction quotations, with more than 20 inter-banks bid and ask price updates per second. In high-frequency trading, the customers can better grasp the pulse of the market and insight into opportunities.

3. Trading System of LEHMAN Trader Pro

LEHMAN Trader Pro integrates bank connection, quotation aggregation, trading and risk control tools, so that the banks, the fund companies, the entity enterprises and the securities companies can directly connect to the inter-bank market, and improve transaction fluency and reduce transaction costs.

4. Colocation of LEHMAN Cloud

LEHMAN provides all the organizations with all-round protection and enterprise-level colocation, as well as the high-performance transaction host and stable low latency dedicated network services. The computer rooms in New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow and other places and the optical cable and satellite signal transmission systems around the world are all under systematical deployment. The cross-linking of Equinix data center, the exchange and the bank ensures extremely high availability.

5. Inter-bank Technology of LEHMAN

LEHMAN provides all the organizations with transparent, efficient and stable market-link technology which directly connected to over 50 top banks of the world, ECN systems, securities companies and hedge funds, meanwhile matches the transactions according to time priority and price priority.

6. Report Backstage of LEHMAN

The report backstage of LEHMAN brings the institutional customers with real-time and reliable information and visual data on the aspects audit, risk and compliance, so that the institutional customers can optimize business processes, better prevent risks and improve benefits.

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