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Cooper’s bourbon barrel aged coffee promises the ultimate coffee experience

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Cooper’s bourbon barrel aged coffee promises the ultimate coffee experience

November 22
15:42 2021
Rhode Island based small batch roasters, Cooper’s Cask Coffee is delighting coffee connoisseurs everywhere with its most popular release: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee.

Cooper’s Kentucky Bourbon barrel aged coffee is the fastest growing coffee to its signature barrel aged series. 

“As with our other barrel aged coffees, the process remains the same: sourcing grade 1 single origin beans which are then aged in recently emptied casks or barrels for months before roasting,” says company owner John Speights.

“In the case of our Bourbon barrel aged coffee, we take a freshly dumped Kentucky Bourbon barrel, load in grade 1 Colombian green coffee beans, age them for 45 to 60 days before roasting them to a medium-dark finish. The result is a vibrant taste profile of rustic sweetness, a hint of cocoa and dark fruit notes with an amazing bourbon finish,” explains John.

“Unlike coffee flavored with syrups and extracts, the barrel aging process allows the unroasted coffee beans to absorb all the natural flavors from bourbon soaked, charred oak casks. This creates a distinctively complex taste profile,” adds John.

Malt Whiskey Coffee 

Another popular choice in Cooper’s barrel aged series is the Single Malt American Whiskey barrel aged coffee.

“It pairs Sumatra coffee beans with Malt Whiskey barrels. This medium dark roast gives us a earthy, tobacco, and tropical fruit notes of the Sumatra bean. This is enhanced and intensified by the sweetness of vanilla and caramel from the whiskey, making it an excellent choice for espresso lovers. We also have Rye Whiskey, several Wine barrel and Rum barrel aged coffee options”, John says. 

Small batch roasters, big heart

“Our coffee beans are roasted in small batches. This allows us to control the roast profile better versus large batch roasting. We are constantly cupping new coffee lots from farms around the world. It’s an important step in creating consistent profiles.”

A coffee purist’s happy place

Cooper’s Cask Coffee also offers a selection of non-aged single origin coffees from around the world. These include an organic Sumatra, Ethiopian, Rwanda and Kenya. Cold brew coffees from Guatemala, Peru and Colombia are also extremely popular.

“Our Single Origin coffees are all Grade 1 beans and make a great gift or simply a great way to explore coffees from around the world,” says John. 

“Each coffee has specific nuances unique to its region of origin. Those delicate flavors and aromas would be lost in most blended coffees. If you’re a ‘Coffee Purist’, you skip the cream and sugar and let the natural flavors of the coffee come through.” concludes John. 


Cooper’s Cask Coffee is a family owned and operated business out of East Greenwich, RI. What began as a hobby, roasting beans in the back of a restaurant at 2 am in the morning, now has John sourcing coffee from across the globe, clearly driven by his passion for delivering an unsurpassed coffee experience for everyone to enjoy.

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Company Name: Cooper’s Cask Coffee
Contact Person: John Speights
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Phone: 401-388-0518
Address:2240 South County Trl, Unit 5
City: East Greenwich
State: RI 02818
Country: United States
Website: https://www.cooperscoffeeco.com