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Obtaining A New More Youthful Look in Spain is Gaining Increasing Popularity Worldwide

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Obtaining A New More Youthful Look in Spain is Gaining Increasing Popularity Worldwide

July 26
22:08 2021

One of the most popular enhancements to a youthful look now is butt implants.  Also known as butt augmentation or derriere implants, Antiaging Group Barcelona, Spain provides remarkable yet cost-effective solutions to sagging or perhaps genetically non-existent plump derrieres.  Foreign patients are welcomed, and the services go beyond butt implants. 

Antiaging Group Barcelona has acquired a great reputation throughout the field of aesthetics.    Recognized by organisations worldwide, this medical centre is known for impeccable techniques and skills that can make both men and women feel more youthful and attractive. 

The enhancements that round and plumps a derriere remains one of the most popular offerings of Antiaging Group Barcelona whose use of implants revolves around methods that are the least obvious and invasive.  Butt implants are placed carefully under the muscle of the derriere making it indistinguishable from a natural derriere. 

The incision is made in the crease of the buttocks and there is no scarring apparent then either as scars are well hidden.  If removal of an implant is sought later in life, then removal also is done via the derriere crease, so the scarring again does not show. 

Even though butt implants are offered it is not pushed upon patients.  For individuals seeking only a mild plumping or lifted derriere appearance, a Brazilian Butt Lift can be the answer. 

Also known as a BBL, fat from a person’s own body is injected into the derriere producing a plumping and lifting effect.  This is not as drastic as butt implants and does not involve any real downtime.  No follow-up procedures such as drains and compression garments are needed either making this a good choice for those that are seeking minimal work.

BBLs can be done under general anaesthesia or a localized anaesthetic depending upon the amount of fat that needs to be transferred.   Brazilian Butt Lifts use liposuction and an individual’s fat cells and are sometimes referred to as fat grafting or fat transferring.  It has the advantage of removing unwanted fat from other body parts.  Body parts that are lacking are enhanced while those with too much fat look reduced again imparting a more youthful appearance. 

Antiaging Group Barcelona also specializes in minimally invasive facelift techniques using a procedure called a ‘thread lift’.  This type of facelift is exactly what the name implies as it uses thread to lift and lighten the face and/or neck.  Again, a more youthful appearance is gained.

The barbed thread used creates a layer of collagen giving both a lifted and plumped appearance.  A fox eye thread lift is also available which focuses on lifting the tail of the eyebrow and thereby lifting the entire eye area.  Any thread lift allows a patient to save money and view results with the simple use of thread.

The range of services offered by Antiaging Group Barcelona is proud to provide tailored enhancement procedures to all types of clients.

About Antiaging Group Barcelona

Antiaging Group Barcelona is an award-winning and world-renowned enhancement centre in Spain. The specialties include Butt Implants, Brazilian Butt Lifts, Facial Thread Lifts, and Fox Eye Thread Lifts.  Consultations and the first visit are free, and all risks and expectations associated are explained in depth.  Information on all offerings also appears on the website of the centre as there is a wide range of offerings.

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