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Covid19 Brings Out Song And Dance – And Flaming Bowling Balls? Charities Love Talent Dot Com Pre-launches First Of Its Kind Fundraising Platform In The New Normal

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Covid19 Brings Out Song And Dance – And Flaming Bowling Balls? Charities Love Talent Dot Com Pre-launches First Of Its Kind Fundraising Platform In The New Normal

November 18
04:33 2020

LOS ANGELES – Nov 17, 2020 – What does one do when Covid has them down? Jump up and sing and dance! Do magic, play an instrument or even juggle bowling balls on fire. All talent is welcome to uplift charities stretched thin during the pandemic.

A new and innovative charity fundraising platform brings the talent contest trend full circle during the trying times of Covid19. “Just because we’re all stuck inside and trying to socially distance, why let this pandemic take away our passions and hope for a starry future,” said Steve Dunning, CharitiesLoveTalent.com founder and CEO. “And at the same time we can all help the folks that need it now more than ever.”

Being a long time industry professional that has worked with stars like Tom Hanks, Madonna and even George Burns, founder Dunning adds, “It’s a tough business for anyone but it helped me do more charity work I’ve always found more fulfilling. Time to give back.”

For the vast majority of up and coming talent that will never reach an audition for The Voice, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, etc., CLT provides fame for talent and fortune for charities. No risky Covid crowds or travel, mask free and plenty of social distancing at home in front of a computer.

“Stars Helping Stars” and “Helping You Help Others” are slogans seen on the pre-launch invitation website currently taking applications. More than 120 diverse charities have signed up already for the free no fee platform, ranging from The National Warrior Foundation to more local non-profits like WalkonFarm.org

For charities CLT is a simple and potentially viral method to increase their donations and supporter base, allowing more time for causes to focus on helping those in need during this time of national crisis.

A New Way to Fundraise:

Other platforms provide the same tech to raise funds but Charities Love Talent has one-upped the system and built in the viral talent video trend that can scale endlessly. The concept is already market proven but unlike other platforms that take a percentage or fees, CLT gives 100% of the donation direct to the charity instantly.

CharitiesLoveTalent.com can do this by being virtual and saving on large production/logistic expenses. “It’s important that we make an army of strong, diverse volunteers out there helping all kinds of people, animals and causes. That takes an organization like a 501c3 charity so we want CLT to be a big help to keep them alive and doing the good they do,” says the founder.

Fun for the Family:

Families can create a fun activity and record the performance videos together while cooped up inside. Young talent can involve their friends by voting for them to win on the site. And more experienced talent can hone their skills and grow their fan base with more exposure to the voting traffic on the website.

All the while doing some good, bringing a smile and lending a helping hand when everyone could use it.

About CLT:

Charites Love Talent is the first major online talent competition that is accessible to all, offers real fame and fortune created by industry professionals that simultaneously serves as a new but proven free fundraising platform for charities receiving 100% of the donations. Not competing with the broadcast TV shows but instead offering a safe way to reach dreams while doing good for the local and national community. With more than 100 large and small charity partners working to address a wide variety of critical needs across the country at this time of pandemic and division. Providing light in the dreams of a rising star, a boost to charities that desperately need it and a smile and hope to all is the goal. Join them and do good.




More information and limited free invitations at CharitiesLoveTalent.com today.

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