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New Zealand’s BEGGI – Industry-Pioneered Externally Pasting Nasal Products Igniting the Market and Helping Ease Breathing

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New Zealand’s BEGGI – Industry-Pioneered Externally Pasting Nasal Products Igniting the Market and Helping Ease Breathing

May 26
15:54 2020

Rhinitis and nasal obstruction are painful. The traditional nasal products, whether spray or paste, are facing the pain points of inconvenient use and drug dependence. Can you imagine that one day, a magic patch stuck to your clothes can completely solve your problem of nasal congestion? Recently, BEGGI, one of the three largest tycoons of rhinitis in the world, announced that the latest generation of BEGGI product, BEGGI New Zealand Nasal Vapor Patches, which is popular in 5000 pharmacies and public hospitals in Australia and New Zealand, will be officially launched in the Chinese market. This brings the most convenient, safe, and effective New Zealand’s nasal technology to 300 million people with rhinitis.

“Rhinitis and nasal congestion seem to be minor diseases, but if not resolved in time, there is a great possibility of causing asthma, sinusitis, conjunctivitis and other diseases. Traditional sprays and internally coating nasal products contain multiple hormones that are easy to produce drug dependence. If they are directly contacted with the nasal mucosa, they will cause irreparable secondary damage to the fragile nasal mucosa.” Jacky, an expert at the BEGGI Global R & D Laboratory, told reporters.

After hard work, BEGGI made the active ingredients into a highly volatile patch. By placing it near the nasal cavity and through the respiratory cycle, it can drive the active ingredients deep into the nasal mucosa, fundamentally relieve the pressure of the nasal mucosa, and help patients with rhinitis and nasal congestion achieve ease breathing.

It is learned by reporters that at present, as the best-selling nasal care product in Australia and New Zealand, this nasal patch has been stationed in more than 5,000 pharmacies and public hospitals in Australia and New Zealand, becoming the latest generation of nasal care product in the home of local rhinitis patients.

Industry insiders said that with the entry of BEGGI New Zealand nasal patch into the Chinese market, it will create a new pattern in the domestic nasal care market.

The first is to create a new category of externally pasting nasal products. “By wearing it, the nano-level soothing factor in this nasal patch can be quickly dissipated into the air, forming a layer of invisible “protective cover” within a 1 cubic meter space around the body to resist the invasion of external bacteria. It can enter the nasal cavity through breathing and directly reach the nasal mucosa, quickly repair damaged mucosal tissues, relieve inflammation, and continuously relieve respiratory problems such as nasal congestion.”

Secondly, this nasal patch will usher in a new era of safe nasal products. The reporter learned that compared with the traditional nasal products, this product takes natural safety as the biggest selling point. The ingredients of Eucalyptus essential oil and Manuka tea tree essential oil are used. The former has a strong antibacterial and soothing effect, which can inhibit bacteria in the air and soothe the nasal mucosa. The latter has a good anti-inflammatory effect, which can quickly help repair the inflamed parts. It is a natural herb of Maori in New Zealand. In addition, chamomile, thyme, lemongrass, lavender, illawarra mountain pine and other plant purified essential oils are added to the nasal patch to make it not only soothe the nose, but also calm, soothe, relax and sleep.

It is understood that this externally pasting nasal product adopts the “pneumatic technology” exclusively developed by BEGGI, which can continuously and stably deliver effective nasal components for breathing. It only needs to be stuck on the collar or clothes on the chest to form a long-term protection for up to 12 hours. It can isolate the external bacteria, and has a long-term nasal soothing, which is non-toxic and has no after-effect. Even the baby can also use it at ease.

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