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Equity and Help Inc. is enabling people to make attention-free investments to generate steady cashflows along with making a positive impact in the society

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Equity and Help Inc. is enabling people to make attention-free investments to generate steady cashflows along with making a positive impact in the society

May 21
03:33 2020
Make a smart financial decision by thinking long term and letting Equity and Help Inc. do all the hard work for you!

Clearwater, USA – Most of the human beings on this planet define success as making a lot of money and helping those who are in need. Even if this definition does not align with yours, you must agree that there is certainly no harm in achieving that type of success.

Equity and Help Inc. allows you to become successful in this sense by employing an amazing strategy in the real estate market. They can help you become a ‘Philanthroinvestor’ which means that you can grow your equity along with helping underprivileged American families residing in rural areas.

The philosophy behind this business is a bit complex but once understood, it can yield you desirable returns and simultaneously enable you to help others. The for a cheap price the company sells you a single-family home that needs a lot of repairs in a rural town. E&H then has you finance that home to an underprivileged family So they can pay the off that home to the investor for the home while the family fixes it up and raises their family in there. The family gets to own this home much cheaper than a nice house with traditional financing and cheaper than rent in their area. So, what is the catch?

The amount you receive from the family as a return on your investment is higher. Let us say you have invested $40,000 and obtained a property. Well to a local family in need of financing that property will be worth $50,000. The family will pay you a 12% return which is manageable for them, however, for you, it becomes 14% return on your investment of $40,000. It is a win-win.

People living in rural areas do not have the same tastes as people from urban centers. They do not care about modern paint colors and newly remodeled kitchens. Hard work runs in their blood, and therefore, they will make repairs and perform other maintenance tasks in your property while living there and paying you the return!

As exciting it may sound, this strategy has both upsides and downsides to it. Different people will react differently towards this idea and they should because this tactic is not for everyone. E&H’s investors are long term thinkers and strategists.

Ivan Anz is the founder of this venture and has completed hundreds of deals successfully since the inception of this business. He was able to study a trend in the financial collapse of the real estate industry in 2008 and worked with industry leaders to bring forward an innovative solution in the form of this business. In his words: “It is possible to be free of speculative investments and make a difference in the world while gaining reliable cash flow, financial freedom, retirement income, and something you can leave to future generations.”

To gain more insights into the working of the company and how they enable investors to achieve their goals, watch this video: https://youtu.be/BdMDFCuYZnE

About the Company:

Equity and Help Inc grows your capital while helping others. We are a unique real estate investment organization dedicated to finding and passing on fantastic deals to real estate investors and home buyers alike.

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Company Name: Equity & Help Inc
Contact Person: Skye Logan
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Phone: 844-552-8828
Address:600 Cleveland St.
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State: FL 33755
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